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Helpful Hints for Rehearsal

If you follow these, you will learn quickly and accurately!


Try playing the Songlearning Tracks™ in Windows Media Player or iTunes. You can pause the progress button and pull it back to the left as many times as needed to practice difficult sections.


This Three-Step Process is really important:


1. Try humming or singing la or da very softly the first few times through – listen 90%, sing 10% volume.

2. When you know your notes, intervals and rhythms well, sing the words at about half volume.

3. When you feel really confident that you are singing accurately, sing at the marked dynamic level.


Practice patiently and perfectly and you will enjoy a confident, mistake-free performance!


It is best to rehearse your music when you can devote your entire attention to following the music and reading your part while you listen. If you spend some real quality time with the tracks, you will learn your notes, intervals and rhythms quickly and accurately, and the process will help you become a better note reader!


Please note: These Songlearning Tracks™ are intended to teach you the mechanics of the music: notes, intervals and rhythms. The nuances of tempo, ritards and fermatas (holds) are approximations only. Your conductor will probably conduct tempo nuances slightly differently from what you hear in the Songlearning Tracks™.


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