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FUND RAISING COMMITTEE (Chair is Open)  -  Explores and develops ways to raise funds for our organization.


GRANTS COMMITTEE (Chair is Open)  -  Explores possible grants we could apply for to help with funding.


HOUSE COMMITTEE (Chair is Open)  -  One purpose of the House Committee is to make arrangements for a person(s) to sell tickets at the door an hour before the concert.  This would include making sure there is a table, chair(s) and small cash (especially one dollar bills) to make change.  The money collected from ticket sales at the door is given to the Treasurer to be deposited into the Pennsbury Community Chorus’ bank account.  It is also the House Committee’s responsibility to arrange for ushers.  It is the ushers’ responsibility to collect tickets and distribute programs.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (Chair is Open)  -  The Membership Committee will be responsible for collecting and maintaining member information (name, home and email addresses, and telephone numbers), collecting and following up on member payments, and exploring and implementing ways to increase membership in the chorus.


PROGRAM (Sophia Nekoranik, Chair)  -  Creates through computer usage the programs for the concerts, including ads.


PUBLICITY (Joe McLean, Chair)  -  Develops and distributes ads, posters, and other forms of publicity for the organization and the concerts.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE (Jacqui Pearson, Chair)  -  The purpose of the social committee is to arrange for social gatherings for the chorus outside the hours of rehearsal, including, but not limited to, after-concert parties.  These could also include “mini soirées” for members before rehearsals on an occasional basis.  The social committee will recommend places, menus and prices when applicable.


SUNSHINE COMMITTEE (Nyla Houser, Chair)  -  The Sunshine Committee is responsible for “spreading sunshine” when misfortune or joy befalls a member of the chorus.  Occasions for which appropriate recognition will be given are birth, death, serious illness, marriage, or any type of tragedy occurring to a member or his/her immediate family or close relative who lives with the chorus member.   


TICKET COMMITTEE (Irene Slaman, Chair)  -  The Ticket Committee will be responsible for making concert tickets available to members and to the public, collecting and following up on member ticket purchases, and reporting ticket sales to the Treasurer and to the Board of Directors.  


WEBSITE (Cynthia Stockton, Chair)  -  Develops and maintains the Pennsbury Community Chorus Website for the purpose of disseminating information and schedules regarding the chorus. Obtains member photographs and updates the online Photo Directory as needed.